Medical Transcription Service

Fast Reporting Services prides itself on the high levels of quality, at the same-time remaining cost effective.

Prolonged and consistent investment in training and IT systems has led the way in meeting our high standards.

All our medical transcriptionists receive a minimum of 3months in-house training before transcribing for our Doctors. All transcriptions are checked word by word by a Senior Transcriptionist before being delivered.

Use of lexicons, dictionaries, directories and in-house lists are incorporated into our system, by our skilled IT programming team.

Our own in-house control and reporting system, monitors files and quality on a daily basis, highlighting at an early point any issue or queries for resolution.
Most importantly, we have a dedicated Quality Control Department, which oversee all aspects of our medical transcription and has access to every process at all levels.

Our QC Department is tasked with signing off every transcript before delivery; our QC Department delivers no file to our Doctors without review.

The Quality Control Department’s sole task is to validate and maintain the high level of quality that RAKSON TECHNOLOGIES has set as a standard for ALL transcripts.

Stat Medical Transcription

Our TAT ( Turn Around Time) varies from 12 to 48 hours according to your requirements. We provide facilities for STAT Transcription on special rates.

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