Medical Billing

Private Practice in Today’s Economy

There is a problem with healthcare today – the costs of providing healthcare have been dramatically increasing due to rising malpractice expenses, decreasing reimbursements and most notable inefficient processes in practice management.

Many physicians have found it difficult to maintain the physical health of their patients and the financial health of their practice. In order to stay profitable, some physicians have become more transactional in their approach to providing care, spending less time with each patient in order to see as many patients are possible.

Other physicians have acquiesced to these rising pressures by accepting lower reimbursements and higher costs without making any tangible changes to how they practice the administrative aspects of medicine, still other physicians have left the field altogether.

The Solution

The solution is as clear as the problem – physicians must make full use to today’s technological advancements within their practices in order to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. The most effective way to accomplish this is to partner with Fast Reporting Services.

Fast Reporting Services has refined the meaning of claim processing and practice management by empowering physicians with the technology and data solutions in order to best manage the practices.

Fast Reporting Services can improve your productivity, reduce staff recruiting and training time, and boost your revenue.
Our highly trained agents, proprietary workflow technology, and compliance processes will speed your administrative operations, allowing you free to concentrate on building your business. Our processes will help increase your revenues while guaranteed human resources-related cost saving of 30 to 50% through reduced payroll.

Why Fast Reporting Services
  • Bill Smarter and get paid higher
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Keep more of what you earn (A low-cost solution)
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Monitor your practice’s financial success.

Fast Reporting Services’s unique business model gives it broad and deep expertise unmatched in the industry.

Our Key skills

As standards for coding and billing procedures become more stringent, our trainedstaff has become more vigilant to collect more effectively for your practice. Your prosperity is the measure of our success.

  • Rapid Electronic and Paper Claims Filing
  • Practice Analysis
  • Patient Data Management & Reporting
  • Timely Claims’ Appeals and Follow-Up
  • AR Analysis, Management and Collections
  • Effective Denial management
  • Customized Billing Reports
  • HIPAA Compliance Guaranteed

Transparency in our coding methodology gives you access, produces consistency, and eliminates the risk of errors. Clients receive regular feedback on coding changes, front-office documentation practices, and periodic reports, such as utilization reviews, case-mix review, and coding-related denial analysis.

Service Packages Offered

Fast Reporting Services offers a variety of highly personalized services that can meet the needs of any type of specialty. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual as well as large group practices.
The Services levels are categorized and provide you the opportunity to opt according to your Practice need.

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