Do Online Research Before Hiring Transcription Service Providers

The outsourcing of transcription services works for many reasons, but the heart of the matter is that although you may need a good transcriptionist, not everyone that claims to be is qualified to do the job correctly.

Transcription service is a specialized business, so if your secretarial staff is not specially trained, or if they are simply overloaded, outsourcing can be a viable option.

So how do you ensure that you find superior transcription service? There are a number of options you have. One of the first things to do is online research. Find several companies, and weed through them carefully. Look for reviews, and negative comments to get a feel for a company’s work ethics. Follow recommendations by friends or coworkers, just as you would do for another business.

Second, know exactly what it is you want from a transcription service, and when you need the completed job returned to you. If you are new to using these services, educate yourself on the different types of services offered, and what the normal price range is for such services. It will be easier for a company to take advantage of you if you are not well informed of the job they should be doing for you. Do not be afraid to discuss the price and turnaround time (when they can get the recordings back to you) before you book the job. Keep in mind too that good transcription services might take some time to complete, so if you can book your service in advance of when you need your recordings, you will come out ahead.

A transcription service takes audio recordings on tape or digital recorder and makes a typed text your recordings. Such recordings may be from dictation (one person speaking), interviews, groups, or business meetings. Transcription services include more than typing out what is on a recorder. The transcriptionist has to understand the content in order to be able to punctuate and spell things correctly. A transcriptionist usually is an expert researcher on Google as well as being an expert typist with a fast typing speed, but audio typing generally takes much longer than reading the text to be transcribed. Even someone who touch types may find that without experience it takes much, much longer. Finally, the transcriptionist should pay careful attention to detail and proofread the work thoroughly before submitting it to the client.

If you have a large amount of recordings that are in need of transcription services in a short period of time, then inquire about what procedures are in place to manage large jobs. Some companies will subcontract to other companies, so you will want to ensure that they have confidentially procedures in place to protect your recordings.

If all your questions about transcription services are answered quickly and positively by the company you have chosen to work with then chances are that you have found a transcription service who is familiar with working with such projects! If that is indeed the case, rest assured that you have done the proper work needed to hire the best company available for your business.

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